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15-Year-Old Girl Stabbed To Death In Fight Over Boyfriend

15-Year-Old Girl Stabbed To Death In Fight Over Boyfriend

The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is investigating a murder case in which a 15-year-old secondary school girl was stabbed to death during a fight with another learner aged 16 over a boyfriend.

The deceased died on Friday last week in Nkayi.

According to a statement by the ZRP issued on Monday, the victim was stabbed with a kitchen knife during the tussle. Read the statement:

Police in Gwelutshena are investigating a murder case in which a learner (15) died while fighting over a boyfriend with another learner aged 16 on October 29 2021 at Mawala, Ngwaladi area.

The suspect stabbed the victim with a kitchen knife, which she was given by her cousin (14).

This comes at a time when the police have continued to express concern over the rising cases of murder, particularly those involving minors.

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Fortune 6 months ago

So sad juc for a boyfriend
God take your place

King Tongai 6 months ago

Oh my beloved God PLEASE help us all your effort taken by the devil . SCHOOL GIRLS PLEASE LEARN TO BEHAVE ALL THE TIME YOUR TIME SHALL COME

Siziwe 6 months ago

So sad y abantwana beskolo bejola labafana abangafundiyo

Ras 6 months ago

A reflection of the decay of moral values at home, school and community. Very sad indeed.

Nkululeko 6 months ago

In Zimbabwe????, that's not our culture I nearly ignored to read this thinking it is that same old news from South Africa,ummm not happy about this

Ms Ndoro 6 months ago

Zvinorwadza mufunge kuti uri kushingira ramagwana rakajeka kumwana wako iye atori murudo nekukutakudza mutoro wekuuraya munhu pindira mwari satani ari pabasa


KayKay 6 months ago

Mmmm tts painful,such age such death .Kukhale nyonin dloz lakhe

Kai sauta 6 months ago

Shame so sad

repa umali 6 months ago

Ummm 15 mwana mudiki shameee

Bläskøshto 6 months ago

..even with 1 of her father's age

Elyse 6 months ago

It's a form 3 mind you!a form one girl is no surprise that z in a relationship with a school leaver..

MuGrade 2 6 months ago

Such fights always are prevalent in secondary education buh use of knife by females is a cause for concern.. stabbing is for boys buh it means girls are upping the pace to catch up with their male counterparts alas in wrong way.

Unifier General 6 months ago

Devil is in control ,, children need to be serious ,, vabereki vari kunetseka nema fees vana wofira zvausina kunzi unoite,,,kurumwa nechekuchera chaiko

Rowdy Rebel 263 6 months ago

Ama2k ma1

Mikel 6 months ago

Nguva yapererwa nenguva zveshuwa..kuuya kwamwari kwava pedyo let me say,zvopisa tsitsi like seriously....

Januzaj Ⓜ️uninja 6 months ago

Ummmm vana vapanduka

Steven 6 months ago


Brian 6 months ago

Ummm zera racho manje ii nyika yaenda kumawere shuwa mwari pindirai

Mai muku 6 months ago

What a loss shame

Kira... 6 months ago

Vana vapanduka wena....

Elyse 6 months ago

Stage managed

Skhumba 6 months ago

It's so sad losing a life in such a way...eish

Chikandamina 6 months ago

Instead of reading shits.

MR NICE 6 months ago



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