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14 South Sudanese Graduates Stranded At NUST

14 South Sudanese Graduates Stranded At NUST

Fourteen (14) South Sudanese nationals, who graduated on Friday at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) say they are stranded following their government’s failure to provide the air tickets to return home.

Their representative, Makuei Maker Chuny, told VOA Zimbabwe that they have no food and accommodation due to a lack of funds.

He said the students have tried in vain to get help from the Sudanese Embassy in Harare with indications that they won’t get help anytime soon. Said Chuny:

We have been here for six years and the government was supposed to provide us with two-way tickets, coming and going.

Already we have only used one ticket, that is, coming from South Sudan to Zimbabwe … This is a very desperate situation.

The school now is going to be closed, there would be no water supply on campus, no electricity.

How can you survive? Moreover, we used to have a warden here but now there is no warden. We will be left in the building alone and it’s not good for our health.

We are asking the government of South Sudan to provide us with air tickets as soon as possible. This should be done before the end of this week. We want to go home.

If they don’t do that, we are going to occupy the embassy (South Sudan) as we have been doing because we are compelled by the situation.

Chuny pleaded for South Sudanese president Salva Kiir (Mayardit)’s intervention as education officials are not helping them.

South Sudanese officials in Harare did not respond to calls and messages sent on their mobile phones by VOA Zimbabwe about the students’ plight.

More: VOA Zimbabwe

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R`G 6 months ago

Pindula yatondisendera message hanzi We apologise for the picture we tried by all means possible to add some filters but all efforts failed "

Apology accepted kkkkkk

Cde Robert Richard Morgen Gabriel Mugabe Tsvangirai 6 months ago

6yrs in Zimbabwe and you don't know how to hustle?Zimbabwe is the land of fast thinkers due to poverty,we are ready to handle any situation.

You black man from Sudan must learn to be inovative and creative,dont rely on Gvt funds.You must have learnt from our sons and daughters in Zimbabwe, they dare not rely on the Gvt.

My advise to you is ,apply to ZUPCO for a job,possible conducters because farming is fully occupied.Since you do not have interpreunioship skills you are useless to us.My very black brothers Zimbabwe is open for any business.

I thank yours .....


You dont know what you are talking about.Am a NUST student personally those guys cannot even communicate well in aenglish imagine Shona And Ndebele.Lets not compromise ..

Do that 6 months ago

Ko handiti ndiwo masayindisiti Acho here vayisei pa attachment ka 👁️

Conquring 6 months ago

Iro picture harizi boo iri aaaa pindula usadaro

RegisT 6 months ago

Vabva vaita sokuti vakatoita stranded nanhasi vari muma gemenzi nengovani idzodzo kkkkkk haaa Pindula ka kkkkk


Goodmorning Zimbabwe😁 6 months ago

No one gets stranded in Zimbabwe. This is stage managed.

Rah 6 months ago

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 Stage managed here

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