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11 Of The 16 Arrested For Violence, Murder At CCC Kwekwe Rally Released

11 Of The 16 Arrested For Violence, Murder At CCC Kwekwe Rally Released

The Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum has reported that 11 of the 16 people arrested in connection with violence and murder at the Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) rally held in Kwekwe over the weekend have been released.

Meanwhile, the remainder (5) appeared in court on Tuesday and were remanded in custody. The suspects who appeared before the courts are Edmore Shoshera (30) of Mbizo 15, Albert Maketo Tembo (29) of Mbizo 15, Percy Mukwaturi (38) Chicago, Talent Imbayago (28) of Chief Choto, Gokwe and Panashe Makuvaze (24) of Chief Gwesela, Zhombe.

In a statement seen by Pindula News, the forum said:

11 of the 16 Zanu PF youths arrested for allegedly killing a CCC supporter at a rally addressed by opposition leader Nelson Chamisa in Kwekwe on Sunday have been released. Police did not give reasons for releasing the 11 facing such a serious crime.

The suspects, who are suspected ZANU PF members were arrested for the murder of 35-year-old Mbongeni Ncube, damaging several vehicles, and injuring many people, some of which were treated and discharged while some are hospitalised and are in critical condition.

The five who are represented by different lawyers were not asked to plead when they appeared before Kwekwe regional magistrate Florence Nago who remanded them in custody to March 15. 

It is alleged that on February 27 at around 1530 hours, one of the accused persons stabbed Ncube with a sharp object thrice on the back. Ncube was rushed to Kwekwe General Hospital and was confirmed dead upon admission.

All the accused persons were positively identified by witnesses who alerted police leading to their subsequent arrest at around 5:30 pm on the same day.

They were found in possession of spears, knives and machetes.

It is alleged that the accused persons disturbed the peace, security and order of the public at Mbizo 4 Shopping Centre open space when they threw stones, spears, knives home-made petrol missiles and used sjamboks and catapults to inflict bodily harm to people who were at a CCC campaign rally.

The state opposed bail saying the accused might abscond court and are likely to interfere with witnesses. Tembo and Shoshera have pending attempted murder and murder cases respectively.

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Mknya 2 months ago

Munhu and freedom of speech ngatisadzvanyirira vamwe

Bright 2 months ago

Hey asi ngozi ahiende kuzanu ka ndozvavanofanira kuziva izvozvo a unga uraye munhu apa kana KU state house kwacho ahutokuzive even kana basa ahuna fti

Vybz Kartel 2 months ago

Catch and release, zvakangowoma so. Mwari pindirai

Shadows 2 months ago

Kurovana pachenyu. Mchapedźana

Mafirakureva 2 months ago

11 out of 16 vaburitswa vasati vaenda ku court. The balance will be acquitted for lack of evidence or will be given very light sentences. Should that happen, the law of unforeseen consequences will apply.

But vanhu vari kuona.

March 26 AND 2023, paMazowe ipapo


Hulk Hogan 2 months ago

Gentleman i believe reading too much of Zimbabwe news can affect your mental health.

Tanaka 2 months ago

explain why...

Machiavelli 2 months ago

I agree with you @Hulk Hogan. Especially if the news purveyors are The Herald, Sunday Mail, Chronicle, Sunday News and all the Zimpapers publications.

The only exceptions are social scandals in Kwayedza and H-Metro, which are true but irrelevant to the country's development.

As for the state-controlled electronic media Haaaa ini ziiiii zvangu. DeadBC is the pits. Even if they were to pay me to watch, I'd rather starve

Scorched earth 2 months ago

These guys obviously cut a sweet deal with Zanu PF. You just don't kill a person. I'm sure they'll be walking scott free in a few days. Rule of law will never exist in this country except our President Chamisa is on the throne

2 months ago

4th Chimurenga 2 months ago

I knew they were going to be released, which is a clear indication they got their orders from the top. Zanu PF survives on innocent blood since even before independence

Gamechanger 2 months ago

Lets all register to vote and remove this ruthless Zanu pf, wakawona usina kuregister know that you are helping zanu to rig

Elder chimut 2 months ago

Pliz dzoserai vanhu vamasungura muchitokisi bope tisati ratanga

Ini zvangu 2 months ago

Tembo and Shoshera had pending attempted murder and murder cases respectively yet they were free. Now add another 11 murderers to the community and you say there is rule of law in Zimbabwe. Mbuya Nehanda Nyakasikana tachema vana venyu...

JusticePrevail 2 months ago

Achera gomba rake ngaawire mariri.

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