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10 People From One Family Killed In KwaZulu-Natal Floods

10 People From One Family Killed In KwaZulu-Natal Floods

Ten (10) people from one family perished following heavy rains that caused floods and mudslides in South Africa’s KwaZulu-Natal Province early this week.

The floods and mudslides caused building and bridge collapses and scores of vehicles and people were swept away.

On Wednesday, Nonkululeko Mdlalose, who met President Cyril Ramaphosa when he visited the area, told him 10 of her family members were killed on Monday night. She said:

I think they were all sleeping because the incident happened at around 11 pm.

Mdlalose said it seemed her neighbour’s brick and mortar home had collapsed, creating a mass of brick, mud and water that descended onto their home, sweeping everyone down the hill.

She said only she and her sister survived the tragic incident. They were not at home when the disaster occurred. Mdlalose’s sister said:

We have another sibling who was no longer living at home but was in Maritzburg.

But of all of us who lived at home, full-time with our mom, it is only the two of us who survived.

The Mdlaloses told Ramaphosa that the deceased persons were between the ages of two and 80. They said:

We found our mom and three of her grandchildren [almost immediately] … We then found the others but the last of the grandchildren we only found on Tuesday night.

Our mom was lying alongside our neighbour down by the riverbed.

On Friday, South African authorities revealed that the death toll caused by the floods and severe weather in KwaZulu-Natal had risen to 395.

eThekwini reported 355 deaths, Ugu 6, uMzinyathi 2, King Cetshwayo 4 and Ilembe 28.

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Simon 1 month ago

Elvis's tears washed away the devil in his own backyard. RIP bro

Anonymous 1 month ago

Its inhumane to celebrate someone's death, death is a painful experience vakafirwa vanozviziva, u can even cry munhu akafa 10 years ago. Guys if a Zimbabwean brother commits serious crimes in S.A and we are no longer wanted there, then if certain individuals of dudula killed zimbos and we are retaliating to all South means we are not different from each other

🎎🎎🎎🎎 1 month ago

Mazimbabweans akapaza Dhemu woro ikk Mvura ikatiza mu Dhemu
makuti Flooded

Kanda 1 month ago

you are rushing to conclusions guys a lot of people who are dying they don't have relatives because there is no one who can notify rescue teams of people marroned by water if so they will be foreigners because no one else looked for them and those who are dead most of them are yet to be identified ma1 edu atanga futi so far only 4 Zimbabweans have been identified because of close friends and relatives what about those who don't have any

cute 1 month ago

they deserve it

Shona 1 month ago

No, they don't deserve it. Isu tisu tisina nyadzi kutsamwira kurambidzwa kukwata


Jojo 1 month ago

Elvis atokumukirai munopera

Chik 1 month ago

Climate change is calamitous

Blabber 1 month ago

Ngozi yaElvis Nyathi wamakaponda mukapisa kunge zvinonzi maiuraya Nyoka

Gogodera 1 month ago

Ichabaka moto sedoma Gomorrah mafashamu nekuside

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